Dog Walking and Holiday Options

Dog Walking


Each walk, your dog is collected from home then to the dog park or hit the streets for a walk/play for an hour in a small group of like minded dogs and returned home, happy, relaxed and exercised.


Village Dog Walking is fully insured and dogs are transported in Air-Conditioning around Unley, Goodwood, Fullarton, Malvern, Inner South of Adelaide. Any time spent in transit is on the house.

Puppy Visits

During the period of 8 to 12 weeks before your puppy is fully vaccinated, a home visit is recommended to break up the day and check in on your puppy whilst you are at work. 


We change puppy pads, lunchtime feed and cuddle them to give reassurance.


Bringing your new puppy home is the most exciting day ever, leaving your puppy to go to work, the saddest day ever.


It is very important for your puppy to be set up in the right environment before you bring them home. Contact Claire to discuss!


Sleepovers and Cat Care
Enjoy your holiday and feel relaxed and comfortable knowing your home and your pets will be safe and well taken care of while having lots of fun, exercise and plenty of cuddles while you're away!

Unlike a kennel your pet will maintain their routine in their own environment which means you come home to happy calm fur babies.

**Please note that sleepovers are reserved for regular clients only. To find out more about becoming a regular client please get in touch through the contact page.